Christmas holidays in a beautiful villa in Mauritius (or why you should choose this option)

Christmas holidays in Mauritius

mauritius beach holiday

Christmas is only a few weeks away, and you are asking yourself : « where should I spend the festive season with the family this year ?  »

We have been looking at different options for a fabulous family holiday in a paradise-like environment, and our choice is Mauritius, for various reasons : 1- easy to get to (one overnight flight from Europe) 2- hardly any time difference when travelling from Europe (abt. 2 hrs) and 3-  breathtaking landscapes.

The first step to planning your holiday in paradise is to buy tickets well ahead of time in order to be able to benefit from special rates and above all, find available flights for the festive season. Mauritius seems to be one of the favorite destinations for European travellers when it comes to finding the perfect destination for the end-of-year holidays.

Once you have booked your flights to Mauritius, you can start looking for your accommodation, and we have found the best « value for money » solution that will suit any kind of holiday : the rental of a holiday villa, including staff, services, cook, babysitter, exceptional villas, beachfront apartments or villas and apartments rentals in residences etc

You will be surprised by the quality and the quantity of services on offer, which will make your holiday in a villa an unforgettable experience. You will be able to enjoy the hospitality « Mauritian style » as the friendly staff will work their magic to make your stay a success. Also, you will get the chance to try the Mauritian cuisine and even learn how to cook typical Mauritian dishes. The dishes prepared by the personnel will allow you to sample authentic Mauritian food which you will struggle to find with the often « internationalized » versions you will get served at a hotel.

Let’s get back to the villas : you will find about 150 of them, scattered across the island, so you can be sure to find your ideal holiday home for your next holidays.

– The North is well known for its variety of restaurants, bars and nightlife

– The East offers unspoiled landscapes and magnificent, quiet beaches.

– The West is characterized by abundant vegetation, nature reserves and beautiful lagoons

– The South offers a breath taking coastline with fantastic lagoons and remote villages, reminding us of what Mauritius was like in the old days.

Christmas time means summer time in Mauritius – and the climate is sunny and hot all over the island.

Please note that more and more travellers choose the « holiday in a villa » option, especially over the Christmas period, and we recommend to start your inquiries for a luxury beach property rentals in Mauritius early in order to avoid disappointment.

Oazure beachfront villas rentals

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The 5 best watersports activities for your holidays in Mauritius

watersport mauritius

Mauritius offers a wide variety of things to do during your holidays. From sports activities to excursions to explore the numerous offshore islands around Mauritius, the choice is yours.

diving in mauritius

1/ Scuba diving

Discover the sea bed with its rich flora and fauna and immerse yourself in the warm, clear waters of the Indian Ocean. With a bit of luck, you will see one of the rare species inhabiting the coral reefs and the waters around the island. There are a number of dive centres offering courses for beginners and dives for experienced divers alike, and the various dive sites around the island never cease to amaze even regular divers.

But you don’t have to be or become a certified scuba diver to enjoy the amazing sights of the marine world around the island. Those who don’t feel like scuba diving can take the sub-scooter of the mini sub-marine and explore the clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

2/ A full day or half day kayak trip to Ile d’Ambre

Take the family or a group of friends and explore the protected island of Ile d’Ambre, a little island off the East coast by kayak. This sport does not require a specific training and is accessible for beginners as well as children. The kayak trip the Ile d’Ambre will allow you to combine sport and exploration, as you will paddle in the mangroves around the island, where your guide will explain the important role of this plant for the marine ecosystem of Mauritius. A pick nick lunch is included in the outing, as well as a refreshing swim at Ilot Bernache.

3/ Kite surfing in Mauritius

Mauritius is a kite surfing paradise for beginners and seasoned kite surfers alike, and you will find a number of IKO certified instructors who are passionate about their job and their sport and will offer beginners courses as well as teach experienced kite surfers on the turquoise, warm waters of the shallow lagoons, which are particularly ideal for learning and practicing this exhilarating sport.

The kite clubs offer the latest equipment for all levels and a supervision boat is there to make sure that all the kite surfers are safe at all times.

The clubs are scattered around the island according to the kite spots, where the water is shallow and the wind constant, so as to offer ideal conditions to learn and practice.

boat mauritius

4/ Boat outings

One of the most popular boat trips is the daytrip to Ile aux Cerfs.

Guests can choose their means of transport to get to this beautiful island off the East coast : by traditional pirogue, speed boat or catamaran.

The pirogue will allow you to experience the traditional means of transport of the fisherman, and the authenticity of this outing is the attraction of this day on the sea.

Going by speedboat, you will spend less time on the water and more time relaxing and exploring the island itself.

With the catamaran, you will have the possibility to enjoy conviviality while taking a day cruise through the crystal-clear lagoon. The day starts with a visit of the waterfall at Grande Rivière Sud Est, followed by snorkelling in the lagoon. The  crew will then prepare a delicious lunch (salads, grilled fish and meat, fruit and drinks at discretion). Finally, you will be taken to Ile aux Cerfs to explore and relax.

5/ Water ski

Water ski is a very popular sport in Mauritius.

It is possible to practice water ski along the most beautiful coasts of Mauritius and get a boat to pick up you and your children in front of your holiday home to go water skiing, wakeboarding or some tubing.

The advantage is that you don’t have to drive to find a provider, but have the boat come to your accommodation, according to your requirements regarding duration, your level or the different types of activities based on the composition of your group.

There is one agency that is offering this specific service Oazure Villas Mauritius

You will also find a big variety of water sport activities on their site, as Mauritius has got plenty of those to offer.

Why is a holiday rental the perfect solution for big families ?

Big families holiday in Mauritius

family holiday at the beach

When you are organizing the holidays for your « tribe », you have to consider a number of factors to make sure that everybody is happy and that you stay within your budget, especially when you are planning a trip to the other side of the globe, namely Mauritius.

Actually, there is nothing more difficult than finding the right solution for all the members of the family, especially if you have to find the right solution for 3, 4 or more children of different age groups.

The rental of a holiday home might be the answer, as you can respect and maintain your privacy as a family. It is much easier to plan and participate in activities as a family group, to gather around the table for family meals and to go on discovery tours around the country or your holiday area. Meanwhile, if you choose a luxury hotel stay, each family member would most probably choose an activity of their personal liking, and children will most probably join other children they have met that the hotel instead of spending precious time with the family.

Another, far more mundane reason, speaks for a holiday rentals in Mauritius : the financial aspect.

The cost for a holiday in a rental home is much less than at a hotel, especially for big families.  A family with 4 children would require a minimum of 3 rooms at a hotel with half-board, whereas they could rent a 3-bedroom holiday villa and prepare their own meals or have the house staff (whose cost is included in the rent) prepare the meals for them with the groceries they have bought at the local rates, which makes it far more economic than a meal at a restaurant or at a hotel.

Finally, as far as activities are concerned, some agencies such as Oazure holiday rentals agency that offer a vast catalogue of activities, excursions and services, so that families can benefit from lots of time spent together instead of being apart.

accommodation mauritius

Hence, it is worthwhile to consider the option « villa rental with services and activities » when planning a family holiday with the aim to spend memorable time with the family while respecting the budget for the most precious time of the year.

Misconceptions on holiday rentals in Mauritius and why this must change

mauritius villas Misconceptions on holiday rentals in Mauritius and why this must change (cleaning, low cost and low quality accommodation, cooking) Many people think that renting a holiday villa in Mauritius will be more inconvenience than holidays. We would like to show you that this is not true, quite the contrary.  

1 /Doing household chores on vacation? One of the most frequently stated arguments is “when renting a villa, one is obliged to take care of household chores, which is not really a holiday …” Wrong! 100% of the villas are rented with a daily housekeeping service (included in the price of the villa rental) and you can enjoy your vacation without any tedious chores. In a holiday villa just as at the hotel, you won’t have to do any housework.  

2 / Shopping, cooking? Another argument is “when renting a house, you have to do your own shopping, think about preparing meals, …” Wrong! The shopping service that is offered will avoid you having to go shopping, and the cook or chef who will be available at the villa will suggest various menus, both with local and international dishes, which will allow you to discover the real Mauritian cuisine!

3 / Quality of the accommodation? This third point is often put forward: “the villa rental in Mauritius is a cheap way to spend a holiday with basic accommodation of low quality” Wrong! The catalog offers villas of various categories, but none of them are basic. All come with included service, most offer direct access to the beach and / or private pool outside the house and all have been carefully selected to meet the quality criteria required by the representatives of the agency . So you can stay in a “beachfront villa” or in a “luxury beachfront villa,” or maybe you prefer an “exceptional villa”, whatever your budget, your desire, your choice, rest assured that the villa meets the requirements of at least a very comfortable, economic hotel or a 5 * hotel for the most luxurious villas.

4 / No Services and no activities at the house? It is often said that “at the villa we don’t know what activities to do, whereas at the hotel there is a great choice provided.” Wrong! The agency has developed a large number of activities and services offered exclusively for villa guests. Holidaymakers will have the pleasure of being “at home, yet as comfortable as at a hotel.” In fact, everything is in place to offer a wide variety of services and activities, but nothing is imposed on the villa guests. Upon arrival at the villa, you will receive a catalog with many activities and carefully selected exclusive services, tested and approved by the Oazure Villa Mauritius concierge team. Hence, you can select what you want and your private concierge will book all the excursions, boat trips, massages, etc . for you. Don’t you think it is high time to review the misconceptions about villa rental in Mauritius ?

Why rent a villa for your honeymoon in Mauritius

Why rent a villa in Mauritius

holiday rentals mauritius

1 / Get the true “honeymoon” feeling in your romantic private villa

Imagine your own private beach in front of your villa … wouldn’t that be a dream come true?

To rent a beachfront villa means that will have the privilege of having a private beach in front of your holiday home and some villas even have a private pool.

The privacy of a private villa will definitely be the ultimate for the most romantic get-away.

Although the beaches of the hotels are often beautiful, they are also busy with other hotel guests, sun loungers and beach hawkers and do not provide an intimate atmosphere.

Furthermore, a hotel stay among many other guests – although always of high quality in Mauritius – cannot match the care that the staff of your private villa will take to ensure that your honeymoon is absolutely perfect.

You will often find flower petals arranged on your bed, pretty flower bouquets on your table and a thousand little courtesies to make your stay unforgettable.

You can ask your cook for your favorite dishes, you can dine by candlelight on the beach. Or would you like to have breakfast on the water’s edge? No problem, simply ask …

2 / Taking care of honeymooners

The agency that rents villas offers a concierge service that will organize the services and activities of your choice for you, you just have to pick up the phone {at your disposal at the villa) to ask.

Are you dreaming of a couple’s massage overlooking the sea? The therapists come to the house and will pamper you while you enjoy the views of the lagoon.

Would you like to make a boat trip at sunset, it will be organized exclusively for you, and you will enjoy a moment that will live long in your memories.

3 / Many villas to choose from

The wide variety of available villas will allow you, if you like, to stay in several villas. You will thus be able to discover different parts of the island and have the guarantee to find the same attentive service for honeymooners every time.

4 / The promise of an exclusive Honeymoon

Make your stay a unique, exceptional experience, the most romantic honeymoon you can think of, the highlight of your marriage : this is the promise of a stay in a private villa with Oazure Villa Mauritius.

Why you should make your holiday booking with an agency rather than a private owner

Holiday booking in Mauritius

mauritius accommodation

Are you thinking of a finding a different holiday solution rather than the usual hotel or club stay? You are looking for a more modern approach to holidays for your next vacation? The rental of a different kind of holiday accommodation seems to be the best solution.

When you are looking for holiday rentals, two solutions come to mind: either your rent directly from the owner or you rent a property through a professional (a specialized agency, tour operator etc.)

Why choose an agency?

For security reasons

When you are looking to rent a house or an apartment on the other side of the globe for your holidays, it can sometimes be difficult to find a private owner you can trust. Making your booking through an agency seems far more reassuring.

For expert advice

An agency or tourism professional knows the region he works in like the back of his hand. To use an agency for your booking means using the expert advice of a professional who can guide you in your choice of accommodation. Furthermore, you can choose from a wide variety of houses, villas and apartments etc.

Being taken care of 100%

Your holidays are precious, and you will want to relax and unwind without having to worry about anything. By booking your holidays through an agency, you won’t have to worry about anything: from booking your air fares to your accommodation, an agency will take care of everything.

Services and activities

One of the biggest differences between booking your holidays with a private owner or an agency is the choice and quality of services and activities offered during your holiday. An agency will be able to organize the airport transfer to your accommodation and offer you the services of an in-house chef who will prepare all your meals for you. This adds a different dimension to the most precious time of the year: instead of renting a simple accommodation with a private owner, you will be able to benefit from services comparable to those of the big hotels, at a much better rate and with the added value of incomparable conviviality.

In addition, a varied and tested catalog of activities is available through an agency, who will select only the best providers, thus allowing you to avoid the usual “tourist traps”.

Avoid misconceptions 

Some people think that choosing the professional service of an agency will lead to additional costs. On the contrary, a private owner is sometimes disconnected from the real market value and will offer his property at an elevated rate. It also happens that owners will increase their rates on the pretext of not charging any agency fees.

For more choice, more simplicity, more professionalism and above all, for not taking any risks with your holidays, which represent a rather considerable expense, say good-bye to uncertainty and possible risk and entrust your holiday project to a professional – we can only recommend it.

Accommodation Mauritius

holiday accommodation in mauritius

holiday accommodation in mauritius

Which part of Mauritius should you choose for your holiday rental?

Mauritius Island

holiday in mauritius

Mauritius is a particularly interesting holiday destination, as it offers a variety of landscapes. Each region of the island has its specificity, which contributes to one of the biggest assets for the tourism industry: there is something for every taste and every mood.

Whether you want quiet rest under a coconut tree on a private sandy beach overlooking the turquoise water of the lagoon, or in a hammock in a large estate in the hills in the Mauritian countryside, whether you prefer to do water sports like kite-surfing, wake-boarding or water skiing, or spending a night out and discover the typical Mauritian ‘joie de vivre” and the typical Sega dance, Mauritius has it all, depending on the region in which you book your vacation rental.

The south of the island is the wildest place with various hills and mountains: the beautiful scenery is amazing. The southwest coast brings beautiful sunsets and is home to many dolphins in the waters off the coast. If you feel like it, you can even swim with them in their natural habitat. In winter, you definitely have the chance to see some whales migrating along the coast a breathtaking spectacle! This area offers a different kind of accommodation for your holidays: from the beachfront villa to a romantic retreat with individual “cazes” (huts) in sumptuous estates.

The east coast offers the best spots for sports enthusiasts: the windiest region attracts kite surfers to enjoy and glide across the clear waters of the beautiful lagoons. In addition, this part of the island offers some of the best golf courses of the country, as for example the Ile aux Cerfs golf course, which you can visit also by catamaran or speedboat to spend a day on this beautiful island. Renting a villa facing the Ile aux Cerf is the guarantee of an incredible view from the villa’s terrace and own private beach. The east coast is also the coast that remains the most typical of Mauritius, with charming fishing villages like Trou d’Eau Douce, Renting a holiday accommodation on the East Coast means choosing authenticity.

The north of the island is the most developed region and one that offers the most activities. Visitors will enjoy the lively town of Grand Baie, with many dancing bars and very good beachfront restaurants. Grand Baie is also the starting point for several trips, such as a catamaran day at Ile Plate (Flat Island), as well as several scuba diving spots including the Coin de Mire, a protected island off the north coast, which offers an incredible wealth of marine life. The north coast of Mauritius is also full of beautiful luxury hotels, as well as large family villas that allow you to get together and enjoy a holiday with family or friends.

You surely understand now that each corner of Mauritius offers its specific characteristics, and it is important to know them so that you can make the right choice of holiday accommodation in Mauritius according to your project and your desires.

Oazure Villas Mauritius

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Why rent a villa in Mauritius?

Villas in Mauritius


villas in mauritius


You would like to visit the 8th most beautiful island in the world (according to the Trip Advisor rankings 2015), but you would prefer to experience the island differently, away from the major hotel resorts?

Coming to Mauritius on a holiday means to indulge in the affordable luxury of living a different kind of dream holiday, in an exceptional villa, in a peaceful setting, relaxing on the sandy beach in front of your holiday home, with attentive house staff that looks after you. Experience a Mauritian lifestyle for a few days, and especially, live at your own pace, as a couple, with the family or friends, and forget about the guidelines and restrictions of a daily routine in a hotel.


Mauritius offers a wide variety of villas in exceptional, very different settings, thanks to the different landscapes you can find on the island : from a luxury villa located directly on a sandy beach with view of the turquoise lagoon to the upmarket version of a Robinson hut, hidden away surrounded by lush vegetation or even a modern penthouse close to the animated tourist hub of Grand Bay. The available accommodation is also perfect for large groups : no matter if you are a group of friends or a big family, you have a great number of options to choose from for your holiday project.


mauritius villas


Once on the island, the rental of a villa allows you to come and go as you please, enjoy moments of conviviality as well as undisturbed privacy. Just experience the Mauritian way of life, for example go to the market with your in-house chef, who will  show you the culinary treasures of this little paradise on earth. Rent a boat for the day, which will pick you up infront of your villa and will then take you to discover the most beautiful islands off the coast of Mauritius:  Ile aux Cerfs (Deer Island), Ile Plate (Flat Island) etc.
Enjoy a barbecue with grilled lobster, and on the way back, take the opportunity to do some water-skiing or wakeboarding in the different lagoons. You can also rent a car with a driver, which then takes you to discover the most remote, albeit charming villages of the island,. Or why not visit a Mauritian rum distillery such as Chamarel for example and enjoy one of their famous rum tastings.
By renting a villa in Mauritius, you choose the best “value for money” ratio, much nicer than a hotel stay. With this holiday solution, you can personalize your stay in an idyllic setting.


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