Dream Christmas holidays in Mauritius, to end 2016.


We arrive at the end of a new year which was again a very long time for some and too short for others, these 366 days have reserved undoubtedly many beautiful surprises but especially the end of a new chapter in our lives that was rich in emotion. It is now time for an update and to find an ideal place for the festive period of the end of the year. For your Christmas holidays opt for a tropical destination, Mauritius is an idyllic place where beaches, turquoise sea and coconut trees will be the backdrop of your vacation dreams.

The Mauritius is now a major destination for Christmas Family holidays, forget the Christmas holidays near the fireplace to warm you to consider a beautiful beach and a hot sun to warm you during your long days to wade in turquoise water and sunbathe on one of the many beaches of Mauritius.

This small island in the Indian Ocean holds many treasures not only beautiful beaches but also the beautiful mountain scenery and a beautiful culture with a population that will touch your heart with their friendliness and hospitality.


For your accommodation in Mauritius do not worry, you will have a wide choice with rentals of villas on the beach, apartments and guest houses scattered throughout the coastal region. To guide you in your search for a holiday accommodation on the north coast or the west coast you will find the best property rentals and the best tourist attractions.

For your accommodation in Mauritius, vacation rentals remains the Cartesian solution because several advantages in addition to offering a pleasant living space for the whole family you will also have a private pool, the services of a cleaning lady and exclusive services such as a massage or a chef to cook your traditional dishes directly to your villa.

We strongly recommend a visit to the deer Island during your stay in Mauritius, this little corner of paradise located off the village of Trou d’Eau Douce on the east coast of the island remains a must for all lovers of beautiful beaches. There are small shuttles on site that take you to your little island paradise, you will also find tour operators who offer activities of all kinds around the Ile aux Cerfs


Mauritius is the promise of a pleasant family stay off the beaten path for the Christmas holidays, unforgettable moments to share with your loved ones.

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Holiday accommodation – a few tips on how to travel lightly with toddler

travel with toddler

A family holiday is a fantastic project, which can however become a real nightmare if you are travelling with one or more babies.

Before you start the often tedious and time-consuming preparations of your trip, aim to find a suitable solution for your holiday accommodation, which corresponds to the number of persons travelling and to their ages. If you are travelling with a baby, some accommodations are not to be recommended, such as staying with a local or in a guest house, while others such as renting a house, an apartment or a villa are more suitable than a hotel stay.

To choose the right kind of accommodation means to maintain the usual routine for your baby. A hotel stay might be disruptive due to different meal times and other schedules. If you are renting your own holiday home you and your baby’s routine stay the same.

Although we would recommend this kind of accommodation for your holidays, we would however draw your attention to the fact that you need to check the available facilities at your holiday home in order to avoid any bad surprises upon your arrival. Make sure to use a reputable agency that is specialized in the rental of holiday homes instead of renting directly from the home owner, who will try to rent his property at all costs without paying attention to your specific requirements. An agency that is specialized in the rental of holiday accommodation will be able to guide you in your decision making process. Some agency offer tailor-made services which will add a considerable amount of comfort during your holidays when it comes to managing your baby: babysitter, kids club, in-house chef, all-inclusive packages, grocery deliveries before your arrival based on a shopping list that you have completed before your trip etc. If all these services are available for your family’s arrival, make sure that the necessary baby equipment is also available: baby cot, high chair, changing table, bottle warmer etc. In general, you will be able to rent the equipment in addition to your holiday home.

If you are requested to pay an additional amount for the rental of this equipment, just bear in mind that it is much easier to rent everything at your destination rather than bringing it all with you in an additional suitcase (and risk paying surcharges for exceeding your luggage allowance).

Once you have chosen your holiday accommodation, all you have to do is pack your bags. When choosing your clothes and those of your baby, bear in mind that most holiday homes come with a washing machine. To transport your baby, rather opt for a baby carrier than a pushchair (which you can rent on site, if needed).

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Christmas holidays in a beautiful villa in Mauritius (or why you should choose this option)

Christmas holidays in Mauritius

mauritius beach holiday

Christmas is only a few weeks away, and you are asking yourself : « where should I spend the festive season with the family this year ?  »

We have been looking at different options for a fabulous family holiday in a paradise-like environment, and our choice is Mauritius, for various reasons : 1- easy to get to (one overnight flight from Europe) 2- hardly any time difference when travelling from Europe (abt. 2 hrs) and 3-  breathtaking landscapes.

The first step to planning your holiday in paradise is to buy tickets well ahead of time in order to be able to benefit from special rates and above all, find available flights for the festive season. Mauritius seems to be one of the favorite destinations for European travellers when it comes to finding the perfect destination for the end-of-year holidays.

Once you have booked your flights to Mauritius, you can start looking for your accommodation, and we have found the best « value for money » solution that will suit any kind of holiday : the rental of a holiday villa, including staff, services, cook, babysitter etc.villas, exceptional villas, beachfront apartments or villas and apartments rentals in residences etc

You will be surprised by the quality and the quantity of services on offer, which will make your holiday in a villa an unforgettable experience. You will be able to enjoy the hospitality « Mauritian style » as the friendly staff will work their magic to make your stay a success. Also, you will get the chance to try the Mauritian cuisine and even learn how to cook typical Mauritian dishes. The dishes prepared by the personnel will allow you to sample authentic Mauritian food which you will struggle to find with the often « internationalized » versions you will get served at a hotel.

Let’s get back to the villas : you will find about 150 of them, scattered across the island, so you can be sure to find your ideal holiday home for your next holidays.

– The North is well known for its variety of restaurants, bars and nightlife

– The East offers unspoiled landscapes and magnificent, quiet beaches.

– The West is characterized by abundant vegetation, nature reserves and beautiful lagoons

– The South offers a breath taking coastline with fantastic lagoons and remote villages, reminding us of what Mauritius was like in the old days.

Christmas time means summer time in Mauritius – and the climate is sunny and hot all over the island.

Please note that more and more travellers choose the « holiday in a villa » option, especially over the Christmas period, and we recommend to start your inquiries for a luxury beach property rentals in Mauritius early in order to avoid disappointment.

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