An Easter holiday in Mauritius for the whole family!


Despite what one might think, Mauritius is not just a romantic destination!

With its many landscapes, its tropical climate and a very welcoming multicultural population, Mauritius is a dream destination! Climb on the plane for one night and spend your Easter holidays in Mauritius! By getting there early enough, you can benefit from attractive prices.


April: the ideal season for families


The temperate climate of this season is ideal for enjoying a tropical trip. With temperatures between 26 and 28 ° C you will be lucky to discover the many beaches that border the island. Ladies and gentlemen kite-surfers and skateboarders, we advise you to favor the East of the island for sessions under the trade winds.

The cyclonic risks end in March, it is then a good assured time that awaits you during the holidays of Easter.

Want to escape from the cold and European greyness? Give yourself a break before the summer and offer your children an unforgettable journey on a paradise island.


A destination for all!



With its tailor-made menu, villa rental is without a doubt the best choice you could make for a relaxing family holiday.

The coast of the island is lined with villas with direct access to the beach, with or without a swimming pool, for architectures combining all the tastes: colonial houses, villas in luxury roofs or luxurious villas of prestige. Choose the holiday home of your dreams and treat yourself to the luxury of being at home!

Because we do not always want to be forced to respect the fixed meal times as in the hotel, we want to let our children have fun without being afraid to annoy our deckchair neighbors or simply Because we like to have the freedom to do what we like on holiday, opt for renting.

Have a look at the site of Oazure Villa Mauritius, they have magnificent villas on all the island, which correspond to all the tastes and all the wallets, just by watching their photo, guaranteed escape …

Want to enjoy your half during this family vacation? Again, the advantage of leasing is that in parallel, you are offered activities and tailor-made services. Baby Sitter for children, cook for delicious meals in local or European colors, kayak to go sailing in front of your villas, massage at home facing the sea … You will find your happiness and satisfy all your desires!



A country rich in its cultural mix


Mauritius is a mix of cultural and religious: Creole, Hindu, Asian, European … so much diversity that make it a rich and unique country. For example, you can go to the bazaar (local market in every town on the island) to buy your sun-drenched vegetables or bring back souvenirs and spices to your friends by bathing in the daily life of the Mauritians.

The official languages are French and English, so you can effortlessly make you understand and exchange with the Mauritians. Open your ears anyway, you will hear singing Creole and Hindi languages at the bend of the streets. And practical side, dear Mom, no worries, you will find everything you need for your little ones in the many supermarkets and pharmacies of the island.

The offer of activities in Mauritius is very large and varied: swimming with dolphins in Tamarin, day in catamaran at the islet Gabrielle, visit the Zoo of Casela or trekking on the Morne, something to delight young and old.

As for culture, for example, give yourself a bit of history by making the route of the tea to know the secrets of its manufacture while visiting typical colonial houses and finishing by a good tasting. We also advise you to make the Adventure of Sugar: a fun discovery of sugar making, from plantations to production!

Finally, to wander at will and stop at the sandstone of your discoveries, rent a car, very interesting and affordable offer on the island, it is even delivered directly to the Villa on your arrival …



So make the jump, take jerseys, backpacks and take your tribe to Mauritius! Do not forget your camera for memories and shots in tropical colors! And good holidays …