Catamaran cruises in Mauritius


Mauritius is full of islands that can be visited, regardless of the side on which you are. The ideal method to make the most of these little paradise is definitely to go on a cruise on a catamaran.

Discover the islands around Mauritius


Hop aboard a catamaran, families, couples or friends. Then let the crew take care of everything for maximum comfort. According to the chosen destination, the program is different. For example, if you want to visit the North of Mauritius: Coin de Mire, Flat Island and Ilot Gabriel, you can enjoy a small navigation morning, if you’re lucky according to season , dolphins will even accompany you for a few minutes: an incredible experience for the lucky ones. Once on one of the islands, you will discover a paradise of turquoise waters and white sand islands where nature lives in its most wild.

While walking on the island as a Robinson Crusoe. The catamaran trips also offer a taste of the Mauritian barbecue flavors. You can also request a lobster supplement for the greedy!

Diving among the fish and coral

A catamaran day is also exploring lively seabed by a multitude of fish and coral in bright colors. Long unavailable snorkeling sessions without a boat to take you there will be proposed. Diving into turquoise water and enjoy the beauty of the seabed punctuated by the coming and going of benches of the most beaufiul fish and sea turtles. A very emotional experience!

Mauritian culinary delights, discover the seabed, visits islands and uninhabited islets and protected, that’s what you proposes a catamaran in Mauritius.

Swim with dolphins


A dream to fulfill? If you want to push even further the experience, some fishing trips in the south west of Mauritius (Flic en Flac Tamarin) offer you to go to meet dolphins and swim with them. An exciting experience! Swim in the middle of hundreds of dolphins.

Some tips before going to sea

If you want to go to sea you will find in all the major coastal cities of the island are companies that will offer catamaran sailing. In high season we advise you to plan ahead and release your book at least 2 weeks in advance. In low season a week or a few days will suffice.

Before planning your day at sea we invite you to check with the company you choose, to know what a day will offer the most favorable conditions for your catamaran: sunny, little wind and calm sea conditions are ideal.

For those who do not have sea legs you should know that the catamarans are relatively stable due to their two hulls and therefore they hardly make you sick. For more sensitive, there are pills against seasickness.

Do not forget to moisturize and protect yourself from the sun because the reflection of the rays on the water can badly burn your skin if you are not protected.

If the catamaran is not the boat that makes you dream, some tour operators offer alternatives: motor boat, speed boat for the more keen on speed and traditional canoe with acoustic guitar for the dreamer … Let’s choose your ship for a day on the waters off Mauritius, to discover breathtaking scenery.