Wellness holiday in a villa in Mauritius


Mauritius is the ideal place for a wellness holiday in a villa : luxurious vegetation, breathtaking landscapes, white, sandy beaches …. These are all the ingredients to create the calming and relaxing atmosphere of a wellness holiday.

We don’t even have to think twice, this is THE wellness destination we would recommend. In addition, the choice of villas is particularly suitable if you are looking for a holiday destination with relaxation, comfort and wellness in mind.


Why would a stay in a villa be particularly beneficial when it comes to wellness?
A stay in a holiday villa offers a few advantages which can transform your holidays into a real break from day-to-day life, thus allowing you to unwind completely and recharge your batteries. The rental of a great number of villas in Mauritius will give you access to a variety of services, some of them included in the rent, all of them aiming at making your stay an oasis of relaxation.

For example, you have the possibility to hire a personal trainer who will come to the villa for your fitness, martial arts, yoga or meditation classes.

Furthermore, you can book relaxing massages and beauty treatments at the villa. We can also recommend benefiting from the preferential rates some of the villa rental agencies offer at the surrounding hotels, allowing you access to the hotel spa, hamman, golf courses etc.

Enjoy the beauty of Mauritius in the close proximity of your villa
It is not necessary to drive a long way to find a relaxing place outside of your villa. You will generally just have to leave the house in order to find yourself surrounded by extraordinary nature. A lot of the villas are located on private beaches, where you can just unwind under a shady casuarina tree, enjoy the breeze and listen to the  rustle in the leaves of the palm trees while sipping on the juice of a freshly cut coconut.
And what could be more relaxing than sailing out to sea? The rental of a villa in Mauritius most of the times gives you access to a half-day a day-long boat rental with a skipper, who will take you to the most unspoiled, magnificent parts of the lagoons, allowing you to explore the marine life of the clear, turquoise waters.
If you prefer to stay on terra firma, you will be able to find a variety of fantastic hikes through the Gorges of Black River, or hire a guide and walk up the mountain “Le Pouce” with its breathtaking views from coast to coast. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, you will be able to unwind and replenish your energy levels.


In short, a villa rental in Mauritius is the ideal holiday solution for you if you are planning to dedicate your holidays to wellness. A number of agencies offer different packages which allow you to choose activities according to your personal wellness requirements. And just a note : let yourself be pampered and make the most of these precious moments.

Private beach villas for rent


private beach villa mauritius


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