Holiday accommodation – a few tips on how to travel lightly with toddler

travel with toddler

A family holiday is a fantastic project, which can however become a real nightmare if you are travelling with one or more babies.

Before you start the often tedious and time-consuming preparations of your trip, aim to find a suitable solution for your holiday accommodation, which corresponds to the number of persons travelling and to their ages. If you are travelling with a baby, some accommodations are not to be recommended, such as staying with a local or in a guest house, while others such as renting a house, an apartment or a villa are more suitable than a hotel stay.

To choose the right kind of accommodation means to maintain the usual routine for your baby. A hotel stay might be disruptive due to different meal times and other schedules. If you are renting your own holiday home you and your baby’s routine stay the same.

Although we would recommend this kind of accommodation for your holidays, we would however draw your attention to the fact that you need to check the available facilities at your holiday home in order to avoid any bad surprises upon your arrival. Make sure to use a reputable agency that is specialized in the rental of holiday homes instead of renting directly from the home owner, who will try to rent his property at all costs without paying attention to your specific requirements. An agency that is specialized in the rental of holiday accommodation will be able to guide you in your decision making process. Some agency offer tailor-made services which will add a considerable amount of comfort during your holidays when it comes to managing your baby: babysitter, kids club, in-house chef, all-inclusive packages, grocery deliveries before your arrival based on a shopping list that you have completed before your trip etc. If all these services are available for your family’s arrival, make sure that the necessary baby equipment is also available: baby cot, high chair, changing table, bottle warmer etc. In general, you will be able to rent the equipment in addition to your holiday home.

If you are requested to pay an additional amount for the rental of this equipment, just bear in mind that it is much easier to rent everything at your destination rather than bringing it all with you in an additional suitcase (and risk paying surcharges for exceeding your luggage allowance).

Once you have chosen your holiday accommodation, all you have to do is pack your bags. When choosing your clothes and those of your baby, bear in mind that most holiday homes come with a washing machine. To transport your baby, rather opt for a baby carrier than a pushchair (which you can rent on site, if needed).

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travel with toddler