Activities for kids for a holiday in Mauritius

holiday for kid 

Mauritius offers such a number and variety of activities that your children could experience a different adventure every day of their holiday.

There are things to do for all types and ages, and even the parents will enjoy participating in them. Also, these kind of ‘family activities’ offer a good opportunity to discover the island and make for wonderful memories of a successful holiday.

For those interested in an educational outing, the sugar museum is a must-do visit where you will discover the history of Mauritius through the history of the sugar. And then there is also « Curious Corner » at Chamarel, offering a different kind of educational entertainment …

If the children prefer to see animals, a visit to one of the animal parks is to be recommended : Giant tortoises and African animals, bird + safari Park, Crocodile Park or the Nature Reserve at Ile aux Aigrettes.

The discovery of the marine life of the lagoons around Mauritius is also a fantastic adventure for the little ones. They can go on a submarine to explore the seascape, or swim with the dolphins, take a glass bottom boat to see fish and corals or go on a boat trip to one of the little offshore islands in the North or the East of Mauritius.

And finally, for those who love nature … and a little bit of an adrenaline kick, a tour on the zip lines is the activity to choose. Canyoning is also on offer on various sites, and even hiking through the nature reserves and up some of the beautiful mountains with breath-taking views over the island will be a fantastic way to explore the flora and fauna of the Mauritius.

For less adventurous travellers, a playground on the East coast offers activities for young and older visitors : jumping castles, ski boats, pedal carts, giant trampolines, electric carts, a balance circuit and pony rides will keep everybody busy for at least a day.

All parents have to do is to let the hostess who welcomes them in Mauritius take care of organizing these activities and adventures that will leave the whole family exhilarated and will ensure that they all spend an excellent time together.

Some tour operators and agencies have specialized in the organization of family holidays and offer a variety of activities to discover a different Mauritius, off the beaten track. One that has set itself apart from other providers is Oazure with its concierge service which offers the organization of children’s activities from A to Z.


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