Why is a holiday rental the perfect solution for big families ?

Big families holiday in Mauritius

family holiday at the beach

When you are organizing the holidays for your « tribe », you have to consider a number of factors to make sure that everybody is happy and that you stay within your budget, especially when you are planning a trip to the other side of the globe, namely Mauritius.

Actually, there is nothing more difficult than finding the right solution for all the members of the family, especially if you have to find the right solution for 3, 4 or more children of different age groups.

The rental of a holiday home might be the answer, as you can respect and maintain your privacy as a family. It is much easier to plan and participate in activities as a family group, to gather around the table for family meals and to go on discovery tours around the country or your holiday area. Meanwhile, if you choose a luxury hotel stay, each family member would most probably choose an activity of their personal liking, and children will most probably join other children they have met that the hotel instead of spending precious time with the family.

Another, far more mundane reason, speaks for a holiday rentals in Mauritius : the financial aspect.

The cost for a holiday in a rental home is much less than at a hotel, especially for big families.  A family with 4 children would require a minimum of 3 rooms at a hotel with half-board, whereas they could rent a 3-bedroom holiday villa and prepare their own meals or have the house staff (whose cost is included in the rent) prepare the meals for them with the groceries they have bought at the local rates, which makes it far more economic than a meal at a restaurant or at a hotel.

Finally, as far as activities are concerned, some agencies such as Oazure holiday rentals agency that offer a vast catalogue of activities, excursions and services, so that families can benefit from lots of time spent together instead of being apart.

accommodation mauritius

Hence, it is worthwhile to consider the option « villa rental with services and activities » when planning a family holiday with the aim to spend memorable time with the family while respecting the budget for the most precious time of the year.


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