Misconceptions on holiday rentals in Mauritius and why this must change

mauritius villas Misconceptions on holiday rentals in Mauritius and why this must change (cleaning, low cost and low quality accommodation, cooking) Many people think that renting a holiday villa in Mauritius will be more inconvenience than holidays. We would like to show you that this is not true, quite the contrary.  

1 /Doing household chores on vacation? One of the most frequently stated arguments is “when renting a villa, one is obliged to take care of household chores, which is not really a holiday …” Wrong! 100% of the villas are rented with a daily housekeeping service (included in the price of the villa rental) and you can enjoy your vacation without any tedious chores. In a holiday villa just as at the hotel, you won’t have to do any housework.  

2 / Shopping, cooking? Another argument is “when renting a house, you have to do your own shopping, think about preparing meals, …” Wrong! The shopping service that is offered will avoid you having to go shopping, and the cook or chef who will be available at the villa will suggest various menus, both with local and international dishes, which will allow you to discover the real Mauritian cuisine!

3 / Quality of the accommodation? This third point is often put forward: “the villa rental in Mauritius is a cheap way to spend a holiday with basic accommodation of low quality” Wrong! The catalog offers villas of various categories, but none of them are basic. All come with included service, most offer direct access to the beach and / or private pool outside the house and all have been carefully selected to meet the quality criteria required by the representatives of the agency . So you can stay in a “beachfront villa” or in a “luxury beachfront villa,” or maybe you prefer an “exceptional villa”, whatever your budget, your desire, your choice, rest assured that the villa meets the requirements of at least a very comfortable, economic hotel or a 5 * hotel for the most luxurious villas.

4 / No Services and no activities at the house? It is often said that “at the villa we don’t know what activities to do, whereas at the hotel there is a great choice provided.” Wrong! The agency has developed a large number of activities and services offered exclusively for villa guests. Holidaymakers will have the pleasure of being “at home, yet as comfortable as at a hotel.” In fact, everything is in place to offer a wide variety of services and activities, but nothing is imposed on the villa guests. Upon arrival at the villa, you will receive a catalog with many activities and carefully selected exclusive services, tested and approved by the Oazure Villa Mauritius concierge team. Hence, you can select what you want and your private concierge will book all the excursions, boat trips, massages, etc . for you. Don’t you think it is high time to review the misconceptions about villa rental in Mauritius ?


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