Why you should make your holiday booking with an agency rather than a private owner

Holiday booking in Mauritius

mauritius accommodation

Are you thinking of a finding a different holiday solution rather than the usual hotel or club stay? You are looking for a more modern approach to holidays for your next vacation? The rental of a different kind of holiday accommodation seems to be the best solution.

When you are looking for holiday rentals, two solutions come to mind: either your rent directly from the owner or you rent a property through a professional (a specialized agency, tour operator etc.)

Why choose an agency?

For security reasons

When you are looking to rent a house or an apartment on the other side of the globe for your holidays, it can sometimes be difficult to find a private owner you can trust. Making your booking through an agency seems far more reassuring.

For expert advice

An agency or tourism professional knows the region he works in like the back of his hand. To use an agency for your booking means using the expert advice of a professional who can guide you in your choice of accommodation. Furthermore, you can choose from a wide variety of houses, villas and apartments etc.

Being taken care of 100%

Your holidays are precious, and you will want to relax and unwind without having to worry about anything. By booking your holidays through an agency, you won’t have to worry about anything: from booking your air fares to your accommodation, an agency will take care of everything.

Services and activities

One of the biggest differences between booking your holidays with a private owner or an agency is the choice and quality of services and activities offered during your holiday. An agency will be able to organize the airport transfer to your accommodation and offer you the services of an in-house chef who will prepare all your meals for you. This adds a different dimension to the most precious time of the year: instead of renting a simple accommodation with a private owner, you will be able to benefit from services comparable to those of the big hotels, at a much better rate and with the added value of incomparable conviviality.

In addition, a varied and tested catalog of activities is available through an agency, who will select only the best providers, thus allowing you to avoid the usual “tourist traps”.

Avoid misconceptions 

Some people think that choosing the professional service of an agency will lead to additional costs. On the contrary, a private owner is sometimes disconnected from the real market value and will offer his property at an elevated rate. It also happens that owners will increase their rates on the pretext of not charging any agency fees.

For more choice, more simplicity, more professionalism and above all, for not taking any risks with your holidays, which represent a rather considerable expense, say good-bye to uncertainty and possible risk and entrust your holiday project to a professional – we can only recommend it.

Accommodation Mauritius


holiday accommodation in mauritius

holiday accommodation in mauritius


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