Which part of Mauritius should you choose for your holiday rental?

Mauritius Island

holiday in mauritius

Mauritius is a particularly interesting holiday destination, as it offers a variety of landscapes. Each region of the island has its specificity, which contributes to one of the biggest assets for the tourism industry: there is something for every taste and every mood.

Whether you want quiet rest under a coconut tree on a private sandy beach overlooking the turquoise water of the lagoon, or in a hammock in a large estate in the hills in the Mauritian countryside, whether you prefer to do water sports like kite-surfing, wake-boarding or water skiing, or spending a night out and discover the typical Mauritian ‘joie de vivre” and the typical Sega dance, Mauritius has it all, depending on the region in which you book your vacation rental.

The south of the island is the wildest place with various hills and mountains: the beautiful scenery is amazing. The southwest coast brings beautiful sunsets and is home to many dolphins in the waters off the coast. If you feel like it, you can even swim with them in their natural habitat. In winter, you definitely have the chance to see some whales migrating along the coast a breathtaking spectacle! This area offers a different kind of accommodation for your holidays: from the beachfront villa to a romantic retreat with individual “cazes” (huts) in sumptuous estates.

The east coast offers the best spots for sports enthusiasts: the windiest region attracts kite surfers to enjoy and glide across the clear waters of the beautiful lagoons. In addition, this part of the island offers some of the best golf courses of the country, as for example the Ile aux Cerfs golf course, which you can visit also by catamaran or speedboat to spend a day on this beautiful island. Renting a villa facing the Ile aux Cerf is the guarantee of an incredible view from the villa’s terrace and own private beach. The east coast is also the coast that remains the most typical of Mauritius, with charming fishing villages like Trou d’Eau Douce, Renting a holiday accommodation on the East Coast means choosing authenticity.

The north of the island is the most developed region and one that offers the most activities. Visitors will enjoy the lively town of Grand Baie, with many dancing bars and very good beachfront restaurants. Grand Baie is also the starting point for several trips, such as a catamaran day at Ile Plate (Flat Island), as well as several scuba diving spots including the Coin de Mire, a protected island off the north coast, which offers an incredible wealth of marine life. The north coast of Mauritius is also full of beautiful luxury hotels, as well as large family villas that allow you to get together and enjoy a holiday with family or friends.

You surely understand now that each corner of Mauritius offers its specific characteristics, and it is important to know them so that you can make the right choice of holiday accommodation in Mauritius according to your project and your desires.

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